Okavango Gin

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Dotted across the endless floodplains of the Okavango Delta are thousands of termite mounds. These distinct land forms are the origins of nearly all islands within this pristine wetland. In a landscape that is remarkably flat, these mounds form the perfect lookout point for “The Sentinel”. This is a member of a baboon troop that perches aloft a termite mound surveying the floodplains for the ever present threat of predators that roam freely across this land.

 Our traditional copper pot still overlooks the Tsutsubega floodplain where the sand & papyrus filtered waters pay homage to the thousand mile meander from the Okavango’s origins in the highlands of central Angola.

 Forests of Mopane trees surround the Delta which provides a nutritious lifeline for Botswana’s elephants. Hidden within her seedpod is a secret we discovered by chance, fragrant and bold trace elements that resemble the core flavour of all gins, juniper.

 Our blend of organically refined Okavango water and the subtle elements of the Mopane tree (and a few other special natural ingredients) fuse together to form the fingerprint of our contemporary gin; an earthy, pure, dry and rustic African charm. Pula!

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