Okavango Gin - The Sentinel - 1 x 750ml

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Okavango Gin is a celebration of the world’s wild, pure and natural places. A celebration that connects you with these places. A connection we hope will provide some inspiration for their continued protection. 

From a 100% off-grid distillery located in the Okavango Delta, we distill world class gin using inputs unique to one of the world's great wilderness areas. At the same time, with your help, we strive to create genuine employment opportunities for residents of the nearby village of Tsutsubega and surrounding areas. 

The Sentinel is a contemporary dry gin with a perfect blend of fresh citrus and woody notes. Botanicals are soaked in alcohol for 12 hours before distillation to extract the most delicate oils. It is then distilled using a traditional alembic copper pot still before it is blended with pure Okavango water, to achieve perfect bottling strength. 

Without a doubt, the Sentinel’s star ingredient is the Mopane seed, with flavour properties closely resembling those of the juniper berry, providing its signature dry, earthy and rustic flavour.

Inspired by Nature, from source to sunset, Okavango Gin is more than a Gin, it’s a celebration. Pula!


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