Okavango Gin - The Forager - 1 x 750ml

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Historically fed by waters of the Okavango, the Makgadikagdi salt pans once formed a giant paleolake, whose ancient silcrete sediments stores above it an abundance of pure prehistoric water: a lifeline to the landscape above. Today, these dry salt pans transition into productive woodlands dominated by Marula trees that produce ample fruit in late summer. Baboons, on a never ending forage, wander far and wide in search of this nutritious treat.

Nestled within these woodlands lies the village of Gweta. The women here brew traditional beer “Bojalwa ja Morula” made from the Marula fruit using an age old technique. After sun ripening they add pulp and seed to spring water for the brewing process, before finally straining the beer through hand woven grass sieves. This is used for the initial distillation of this Marula Gin.

The Forager is a seasonal limited batch gin. Once brewed in the Kalahari Desert and twice distilled in the Okavango Delta. A blend of pure Okavango water, coupled with the robust citrus notes of the Marula fruit and the distinct fingerprint flavour of the Mopane seed, create this vibrant, contemporary gin. Pula!


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